Course Description

AIADO 4045 | AE 4095 | SOUND

Faculty: Linda Keane, AIA, AIADO &
Eric Leonardson, SOUND
Daily 1:00pm – 4:00pm May 30 – June 14

Riverworks Chicago is a team-taught, interactive transient sound mapping and community engagement class that visualizes and reimagines the sustainable world. Working above and beneath the surface of the Chicago River, Eric Leonardson and Linda Keane share overlapping expertise and research in ecological landscapes, acoustic ecology, and public engagement. Students connect technical skills with the generation of art and design works in public and community arenas. Class discussions rooted in texts of architecture, listening, ecology, and new media reinforce field trips. Exercises in sensing, computing, mapping, and designing interactive media inform site-specific works and performances. The class deploys biophonic, geophonic, anthrophonic soundmaps, soundwalks, workshops, lectures, and installations in public settings that actively engage individuals and communities.